Shaeah_Love_Relationship_CoachShaeah Love is a certified coach, author, inspirational speaker, trainer & devoted lover. She has been facilitating women’s groups, conscious relating workshops and people’s awakening since 2003. She is dedicated to supporting women to find the deepest fulfillment in love and life.

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Shaeah is blessed to be in an incredibly solid, healthy magical relationship with her compassionate, loving, brilliant beloved, Majie. They are both deeply committed and devoted to enhancing each other’s life while taking full responsibility for their own well-being, happiness and fulfillment. They are both dedicated to living in alignment with their deepest truth and calling and living life to the fullest. Their lives are full of laughter, depth, love, adventure, fun, sensuality, pleasure, care, passion, connection and intimacy.

Shaeah has experienced numerous heartbreaks and relationship failures, including a failed marriage. Due to her low self-respect in the past, she has attracted men who have been unavailable, possessive, noncommittal, unsupportive, disloyal and even abusive.

After the devastation of her last heartbreak she became determined to have a transformation in the area of love and relationship. Through the support of her mentor, Shaeah got to the core of her deepest wounds around love and relationship and realized she had been seeking love for the wrong reason, for validation and proof that she was loveable. She realized that as long as she sought her happiness outside of herself it would never last.

Shaeah’s mission became to fall in love with herself and her life. She chose to fulfill a life long dream of living in the tropics, she committed to finishing her book, she opened her heart to life and herself more fully than she had before. She returned from Costa Rica with a completed book, an inner and outer glow and renewed love and respect for herself. Three months later she met Majie at their friends’ wedding and they just got had their own Union Celebration this July. 

Creating a lasting ever-evolving and deepening relationship takes ongoing dedication, and commitment to one’s own well-being as well as to your beloved. It’s a wonderful, joyous, pleasurable, adventurous rewarding path! If you know that a sacred relationship is part of your spiritual path go ahead and take a powerful step and book an Irresistible Woman Activation Session with Shaeah.

From My Heart To Yours, chronicles the year leading up to Shaeah meeting her beloved and will teach you some of the tools and practices that helped her transform heart-break, hopelessness and despair to courage, self actualization and lasting love.

This poignant, touching and often humorous memoir traces one woman’s search for her authentic life. Told with refreshing candour, From My Heart To Yours invites us to share the ups and downs of a life looking for its true purpose. With its mixture of storytelling, psychological research, poetry, and quotes from key thinkers, this memoir rises above a simple first person narrative to become a tool for transformation, personal development and emotional healing. Delve into the wild and wonder-filled world of Shaeah. Who knows what you may discover…

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