Daniella Ambika
CEO of Body Temple Yoga™️ School
Ahrina Nielsen
Singer/Songwriter/Business Owner
“Watching, waiting, listening for the opportunity to change direction towards that special some one... And now I've found some one very special who shows up for me, who loves me, and texts me "good morning beautiful" every day. It's more than I even hoped for - he meets me in my uniqueness in so many ways. Thank you Shaeah for helping me to attract my beloved - it was totally worth waiting for.”
Geneva Janzen
​Gardener/Light Worker
“Shaeah Love is amazing!!! I attended one of her in person classes and loved it so much that I signed up for her online course. I couldn't believe how much valuable information I did not know. She helped me figure out what I was looking for in a partner, as well as release blocks I had. She also helped me come into my power and get excited about finding my Beloved. I found my Beloved part way through the course! Both my Beloved and I have never been in such an honest and loving relationship.We truly feel we will spend the rest of this lifetime together. Thank you so much Shaeah Love for bringing me into my power.”
Laura Brotherston
Inch by Inch Fitness and Wellness Centre Owner
“The most important thing you will learn is how to love and prioritize yourself so that you can attract someone who will mirror that love. Shaeah is an excellent guide and can help you address the blocks to lasting love and to help you create a plan so that you can attract your soulmate. Even if you don't think you are ready yet, if there is a longing in your heart for a beloved, then take this class NOW!”
Karla Erovick
Social Media Mentor ​
“I absolutely loved your course! I met so many fabulous women, got my ‘fire’ back and loved our one on one sessions and groups. I now absolutely know that my love is out there working on himself too, so we can bring our best versions forward, contribute to each others lives and others.”
Tessa Sutherland