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Shaeah Love


I am currently exploring being a radical love activist. I consider myself a sacred healer. I train people to become sacred healers in the Hawaiian art of Lomi Lomi. I have coached dozens of women to love and honour themselves. I consider myself a steward of this blessed Earth. I have authored a book. I am a performing artist.

I have done intense, deep healing on all levels, including legacy wounds. My healing work is mostly Hawaiian Inspired as I really resonate with the spirit of aloha, where healing and living is heart and spirit centered in harmony with nature. I believe in the inter-connectedness of all things. That who we are being and how we show up matters. That’s why I have devoted myself to cultivating a loving compassionate presence for myself and others.

I love fiercely. I care and feel deeply. I am highly empathic and sensitive and thus spent most of my adult life in severe pain and anguish physically, mentally and emotionally. At one point the pain got so great that I attempted to leave this life. I was saved and given another chance. I decided if I was to choose life, I needed find a way to love, enjoy and appreciate myself, life and others.

As I grow love for myself, others and life I experience less and less pain, intimacy with myself and other deepens, I grow more and more courageous to pursue my deepest heart’s desires, trust is growing and my ability to navigate life’s challenges is improving. I am far from perfect and I am learning to accept and love my humanity more and more. I practice what I teach, walk my talk and am committed to ever learning and growing.

I marvel at the power and magic of our ability to transform and believe wholeheartedly in our growing capacity to awaken, heal and evolve.

My highest vision for myself is that:

I am deeply and solidly connected to and guided by my heart and spirit. I listen to and honour my body’s wisdom completely. I fully trust the natural unfolding of the mystery of my being and am in a constant state of curiosity, wonder and appreciation. I feel free to express my truest and fullest self. I am serving the liberation and well-being of people and the planet to my fullest capacity. I am compassionate with myself when I falter and fully believe in and value myself. I live by Rule #6 (with humour and amusement), laugh often and make others laugh and feel joy. I am deeply fulfilled and madly in love with myself, life and others.

At times I feel like one of most of the blessed people on the planet and other times I get caught in the web of lies of my mind, believing the false ideas of separateness, insufficiency and shame, luckily I am getting better and faster at shifting back to my knowing of who I am and what I am here for – Love! To be the truest and fullest expression of me loving me loving life.

I would like to hear about you… I invite you to book 30 minutes to have a heart to heart with me about your deepest heart’s desires and how I might be able to support you to grow your capacity to love and be loved.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it and love them." ~Rumi
“I am so grateful for what you’ve shared with us and all of the wisdom you’ve had to give and I have no doubt that I will meet my soul mate as a result of doing your program.”
Social Media Mentor
“I absolutely loved your course! I met so many fabulous women, got my ‘fire’ back and loved our one on one sessions and groups. I now absolutely know that my love is out there working on himself too, so we can bring our best versions forward, contribute to each others lives and others.”
Tessa Sutherland